Filing a Request

To commence an arbitration with the LCA a “Request for Arbitration” must be lodged with the Secretariat of the London Chamber of Arbitration by email to or by post to The London Chamber of Arbitration, 33 Queen Street, London EC4R 1AP. After acknowledging receipt of a request, the Secretariat will notify the Respondent party or parties of the making of such a request and the date of the request.

The LCA does not require requests to be in any particular form. However, the LCA Rules of Arbitration stipulate certain requirements for the making of requests as set out in Article 2, namely:
(i) A statement of the names, addresses, telephone and facsimile numbers and email               addresses of the parties and their counsel;
(ii) A summary of the dispute;
(iii) A preliminary statement of the relief sought by the Claimant;
(iv) A copy or description of the arbitration agreement or other agreement under                      which the dispute is to be settled;
(v) If applicable, the name, address, telephone number, facsimile number and                          email address of the arbitrator appointed by the Claimant

The request must be accompanied by a non-refundable registration fee of £2,500. This is to cover the necessary administrative costs associated with the making of the request.

Number of Copies
The request and attached documents must be supplied in as many copies as there are Respondents. This is in addition to one for each of the three potential arbitrators and one for the Secretariat.

There is no required or model form that a request must take. A Claimant party is free to determine the form of its request provided that Article 2 of the LCA Rules is respected.

Choice of Arbitrator
Arbitrators should be nominated and will be appointed from members of the LCA’s Panel of Arbitrators. In exceptional circumstances the President of the LCA may agree to the appointment of an arbitrator or arbitrators who are not on the aforementioned panel.

Number of Arbitrators
Where the arbitration agreement provides for a sole arbitrator: The parties may, by agreement, jointly nominate an arbitrator for confirmation by the President of the London Chamber of Arbitration. In any case, the Claimant should submit in the “Request” any particulars concerning the choice of arbitrator.

Where the agreement provides for three arbitrators: The Claimant should nominate an arbitrator in the “Request” for confirmation by the President of the London Chamber of Arbitration (unless the agreement provides for a different procedure).

Where the agreement provides for one or more arbitrators, or is silent or unclear as to the number of arbitrators: The Claimant should indicate a preference for either one or three arbitrators. If it opts for three, then the Claimant is encouraged to nominate an arbitrator for confirmation together with its “Request.” The financial consequence of three arbitrators should be borne in mind. Unless agreed by the parties, the London Chamber of Arbitration will appoint a sole arbitrator save where it appears to the LCA that the dispute is such to warrant the appointment of three arbitrators. Where there are multiple Claimants or multiple Respondents and where the dispute is to be referred to three arbitrators, the multiple Claimants jointly, and the multiple Respondents jointly, shall nominate an arbitrator.

Place of Arbitration, Applicable Rules and Language
The place of arbitration will be London unless otherwise agreed by the parties and consented to by the LCA. The applicable rules of law are those which the Arbitral Tribunal determines to be appropriate unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The language of arbitration is determined by the Arbitral Tribunal in the absence of an agreement by the parties.

The parties’ positions and views regarding any of those issues should be included in the “Request” and the “Answer to the Request” respectively. The parties’ comments will be considered by the President of the LCA when such issues are decided.

Availability of London Chamber of Arbitration
Anyone can benefit from LCA’s arbitration services. The only requirement is that parties to a contract, treaty or separate arbitration agreement need to consent to use the LCA. This is normally achieved through the existence of a contract or treaty before a dispute arises. However, it may happen after a dispute has taken place with the agreement of the parties to the dispute.

The LCA Panel of Arbitrators has been specially selected to ensure the LCA can offer outstanding experience and expertise. Furthermore, our Arbitration Rules and practices represent best practice in international dispute resolution. The Rules are short, flexible and fit for purpose and use in respect of any kind of dispute arising out of commercial and industrial disputes in London and other international commercial centres.